About Us and Our Mission

At HVAC green by design, we’ve assembled a team of highly trained experts who know how to evaluate your home and your needs and develop solutions that fit each unique set of circumstances. Then we help you choose a system that will provide many years of quiet, comfortable, trouble-free service while keeping energy costs to a minimum.

With all the options of heating and cooling your home out there, HVAC green by design can diminish any confusion you have. Our high-efficiency products, great financing options and 10-year warranty make our services home of the happy customer.

We back-up our installations with rock solid guarantees and we stand firmly and uncompromisingly behind our work. That’s why we’re proud to say HVAC green by design is the home of the happy customer!


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We offer high efficiency Goodman Furnaces to suit your every need. Please call our office to book a free appointment to discuss how we can help improve the comfort in your home while saving you energy.


We offer a variety of Goodman Air Conditioners to suit your needs. They range from 13-16 SEER. Please call our office to book a free appointment to discuss how we can help with the cooling needs.


Maintenance is a key factor in maximizing the efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment. It is also important to carry out regularly scheduled maintenance in order to avoid voiding your new equipment’s guarantee.

Saving Tips

HVAC green by design offers economical financing for furnaces, air conditioners, and other major HVAC installations.

Our tips can help you to save thousands of dollars thanks to reducing your monthly bills.

How to save 873$ on your bills?

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